Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Rant- I am forced to work overtime this week, which means an already long 10 hour work day becomes miserable after 12 or 14 hours. This is why I was up and working at 6:30am. I hate mornings and I hate OT!

Rave- The OT will give me some much needed extra money, so despite all the hate I have for it come pay day I will be grateful.

Rant- The weather is turning colder. I was quite enjoying our abnormally warm November and am somewhat saddened to see it leave. I know the long and bitter winter is right around the corner.

Rave- Goose's wedding is coming up and some of the more finalized plans are starting to come into place. I am excited for her to feel the joy you get on your wedding day and feel really blessed she has chosen me to be a part of her day.

Rant- I am feeling that thing alot of women go through....the desire to have children. I am 30 years old and feeling more ready than ever to take on a baby. My husband feels the opposite. He is not as settled as I am and wishes to finish his education first. While I too would like for him to finish school I understand there is a limit on how long we could put off having a baby. I feel in my heart that right now is not the right time, but I still ache for it to happen. I keep praying that it will be in my future, yet something inside tells me it won't be. It's confusing. For now all I can do is wait and keep praying.

Rave- The prospect of having a child at some point is something that makes me happy. Though I don't know what my future holds I am excited about what will come of it all.

So there you have it! Whats got you happy/sad/angry/excited this week?


Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm so glad you joined in.

Just remember, the OT won't last forever so you know there is an end in sight.

Goose said...

You in my wedding: I couldn't imagine it any other way. Plus you are already helping me with little details I am neglecting.

There will be a "right" time for you guys to have kids and it will happen at some point, that I am sure of. But J better get his act together with school and be really serious with his studies.

Bamboo said...

LMB yes the OT will be gone soon and we will hit the slow season but man it's brutal when we have it.

Goose, I feel like I'm at a little advantage right now in helping you with the little details. Having just gotten done with mine it's easy for me to remember all those nagging little things that kept me up at night. I am really excited about your day getting ever closer though.

otin said...

OT always sucks until you get that paycheck!

You are still young, plenty of time for a kid or two! :)

Barb said...

My husband and I talked about waiting until we were ready. But when we thought about it, there was never a really good time. We were too young when we got married (21 and 22). After master's degrees we wanted to wait until after PhDs. We thought after PhDs would be a bad time 'cause we'd be starting new jobs. etc, etc. I don't think you can ever be truly "ready"! I was 30 and still in grad school when the first one was born.

Bamboo said...

Thanks for the input Otin and Barb. I do know there is still time and so I try to put it to the back of my mind, yet I run into friends I was in nursing school with and see they have 2 or 3 children and really wonder...why not? I want it to be a decision Jared and I make together so until he is ready, I'll keep waiting.

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