Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Well I decided to do another Rant and Rave Wednesday for all my blogger friends. If you haven't ever seen this before go check out LittleMsB and see what all the rantin and ravin is all about.

Rant: The weather has turned bitter cold but instead of getting lovely snow with it we simply get rain and flurries.

Rave: The fact that it is cold means that eventually snow will fall. I love the snow, most likely because I don't have to venture out in it unless I so choose. It looks beautiful, smells beautiful, and makes the holidays even more magical. I hope it snows before Christmas.

Rant: I don't have nearly enough of my Christmas shopping done and am afraid I'll be forced to go out with all those mean last minute shoppers. Why can't everyone have a good attitude about things regardless of the day the shop?

Rant: My wedding photos should be done within the next week and a half and I have to pay a good chunk in order to get them. The extra kick at my already strained budget leaves me feeling a bit worried.

Rave: I finally get to see the lovely reminders of our beautiful day.
Rant: I am feeling terribly down in the dumps the last few weeks and I want more than anything to feel like myself again. There are some real serious things weighing on my mind and no matter how hard I try to push them aside, they just won't let me sweep them under the rug.
Rave: The work day is coming to a close. Gosh I'm ready for a few hours to myself!
What's got you ranting and raving this week?


Brian Miller said...

i cant wait for snow! it makes the cold worth it...and i have so much christmas shopping to do its not even funny!

Bamboo said...

Good then I'm not alone! :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm sorry something has been bothering you for the past few weeks. I hope it's nothing too serious and you're able to confront it head on.

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