Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goose got MARRIED!!

This weekend was amazing and fun and fabulous and all that. My bestest friend in the world, Goose, tied the knot on Sunday. She has been such a beautiful part of my life for the past 14 years so it was a real blessing to stand by her side while she gave her vows. The best part of the whole day was when it really sank in that she is now "officially" a family member. Goose married my first cousin so now she will forever be a part of my life, which is AMAZING!

The wedding was at a very lovely state park. Though the day was warm, it was sunny and beautiful, which make for a lovely setting for photos. There was a big lodge with a huge fireplace as a back drop to the ceremony. The bride made her way down this beautiful wooden staircase with her terrific father by her side. It was just so pretty. Everything went perfectly and she glowed like I have never seen before. I was so proud to be there with both of them.

We ate, drank, and danced the night away. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her friends and family I have heard so much about over the past years. Now the bride and groom are off on what sounds like the most terrific honeymoon ever. I can't wait to hear all about how the time went for them.

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Goose said...

nice post! I'm obviously so exited to be in your family too!!

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