Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get back to it

I decided it is past time to start preparing my body for this surgery. I know that every bit of exercise and work I do now, will get me a better result with surgery. The better shape my heart and lungs, the less the risk of complications during the procedure.

With that said, last night I went back to water aerobics. I decided it is time to take charge of this and not let anything get in the way of working out a few nights per week. It felt wonderful being back in the water. The pool was extremely warm and soothing to all my aches and pains. Over the last several days I had been experiencing increasing pain in my muscles and I'm not sure why. I sorta wondered if I was getting the flu but I have been feeling fine otherwise so it remains a mystery to me.

Anyway, I did my work out last night and had fun, but my left hip was causing me some intermittent pain. It had been slightly sore before I started; again, I'm not sure why. By the time we were finished and I tried to get out of the pool I could barely walk on land! I was gimping around like crazy. In addition to the hip problem I was having some right knee pain. Now, the knee pain I expected. Back in December I fell on some slick pavement and landed on my right knee. It has not been healthy since and everytime I sit down and stand up it is twingy with pain. I do worry I did something to it, but not enough to want to go through with x-rays and MRI's and all that. Like I said, it has been achy, but the aerobics exacerbated the symptoms. When I got out of the pool it took forever for me to get back to the locker room and took even longer to change clothes because of the pain. I got home and tried to rest it but it was a constant hurt. I took an anti-inflammatory and sleeping pill and crashed.

Today my knee is better, but my hip is still wicked sore. I think I must have strained a muscle. The medication seemed to help the symptoms through the night, but I can tell it is wearing off so I'm going to be taking more later today. Oh joy!

I'm gonna be glad to have some time to rest it before the next aerobics class next week. I do think I am going to swim laps on friday night though. I won't really have to use my hip to do that and I need to keep moving. I for sure feel more awake and energized today. I forgot how much better my body feels when I exercise regularly.

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