Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get it done!

This is bound to be a long day. I started work at 5:30am and am planning on sticking to it until 5:30pm. If I can manage to do it, I will have gotten all my overtime done in two days, which leaves the rest of the week for a "normal" routine. I really want to get into the pool at least one day this week so as long as I can last sitting behind this computer all day, I should be able to make it there on Thursday. Seems weird to wish to swim when I look out on all the white snow.

We got a bit of the white stuff overnight (3.5 inches and still falling). From the sound of it, we are going to be getting some bitterly cold temps later today. Wind chills are going to drop all day and they say we could reach double digit below zero temps by this afternoon. I'm glad I work inside! Watching Jared get ready for work today made me feel sorry for everyone who works out and about. He was layering and layering and layering clothes.

Watching him reminded me of snow days when I was growing up. I would spend most of my time out in the snow all bundled up like that. We would play outside all day making forts or snowmen and having snow ball fights. Then we would come in and have hot chocolate and get warm. I can remember waiting and waiting for my dad to get home. He would take us sledding or would help us build the best snow creatures in the history of the world. I can remember one year we made this dragon, he sculpted the head and we made the body out of snow balls. The body went through our entire back yard, which was pretty big. It was amazing! We have made so many different things over the years it's hard to remember all of them. The snow always makes me think of him. I guess it always turned him into a kid again and he still loves being out in it.

As much as I like spring, summer, and fall I just don't think I would ever want to live somewhere that doesn't get a good winter snow. It is sort of magical! Even at 30 years old, I am still in awe every time I watch it fall.

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