Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am so super excited today. Yesterday Jared and I headed to our basement to do some re-arranging of stuff. Like I said in a previous post, we have new furniture for our living room coming at some point and we are converting our office/spare bedroom into only an office. This means our spare bed is going to the basement and we are going to use it in our lounge/hang out space as well as for a place to sleep when guests come, which is not as frequently as I would like. Anyway, we needed to rearrange stuff because we have wayyyyy to much stuff (shit/crap/junk) down there. In the process of starting to move things I came across the box where my old friend, Mr. Laptop was stored.

Now my laptop is not all that old. I've only had it for maybe 6 years. I'm sure by computer standard it's ancient; however, up until about a year and a half ago it worked like a dream. I decided to get a new computer to make doing my job easier as a desktop with a huge monitor was going to be a good investment for work. I love that big computer! Anyway, sometime shortly after getting the new computer my laptop became infected with one of those damn viruses. I didn't worry much about it at the time cause I had my new and faster baby. I tried to restore it but couldn't even get it to boot up so he went into a box and into storage.

Like I said, I came across said box yesterday and decided to give it another try. Pulled it out and it booted up, of course there were still issues and the virus was still wrecking havoc, but I decided to attempt a full re-format of it. IT WORKED! Now it is running smooth and stable like days of old. I can sit in my big comfy chair and watch TV and surf the web. It took most of the day yesterday to get the reformatting done and to re-load all the drivers and such. Kind of a PITA, but I suppose it was worth all of it. I am impressed with myself cause I'm not all that good with computer type stuff, some say I am better than I think, but I feel like I know near nothing I should.

The biggest part of this accomplishment is I did most of this half drunk or all drunk as Jared and I were drinking beers like they were bottles of water yesterday. Ohh water, I think I actually need some of that today haha! Anyway, maybe being drunk was just the cure for the computer. Regardless, my husband is going to be extremely happy with me when he wakes up today. He fell asleep long before I got this thing running again and up until now he has muchly missed having a second computer for himself. I work such long hours he rarely gets a chance to look at e-mails or surf the web.

Now he can do all of it and will have a good stable computer for school work. He is wanting to go back to school in the fall (I dunno if that will happen, but time will tell). Regardless, the little Mr. Laptop is ready to be used and abused again. Thank you to Mr. Re-format for saving my little baby!

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