Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my husband.

He gave me a wonderful treat to celebrate Valentine's day even though he sorta got it for us to, "share" as he puts it. It was one of those edible arrangements with chocolate covered strawberries and double dipped bananas. The banana hunks were dipped in milk chocolate and then again in white chocolate. YUMMY! Those arrangements beat the hell out of getting roses or other flowers or other candy for that matter.

So a big old thank you goes out to my wonderful hubby! You made the day special.

We had quite the busy weekend though. Saturday we ended up buying a bunch of furniture for our living room. After the wedding you all might recall that I mentioned we bought a new console recliner sofa. Well that console was part of a sectional sofa. Over the weekend we decided to buy the rest of the sectional for our living room and the best part is that we ended up getting a FREE LG plasma 50 inch TV with our purchase. Whooo hooo. We don't own an HD TV so this will be a nice upgrade for us. The store had a deal going where you got the TV with spending a certain amount in furniture. We weren't quite there with just the sectional, but by adding a TV stand to it we just barely made it so free TV is coming our way. Sad as it is I am more excited about the TV than the furniture. So yay for us!

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Brian Miller said...

edible arrangements are the bomb! we did fruit and chocolate fondue...

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