Monday, March 15, 2010

Phase 2 begins

Over the weekend I went to my third and final weight loss surgery seminar. Another good one where I learned even more useful information. The seminar gave me some insight on some questions I needed to ask of the other program I am interested in. In addition, my father joined me to get more information about the seminar, which was outstanding. He became a part of this process and learned all the reasons why it is important for me to move forward with this plan. I don't think he had a good clue about the process or about why this is so important for people like me, but now he does. Did you know that only 5% of morbidly obese people can lose weight and maintain it 5 years or longer with diet and exercise alone? Sad to say, but the numbers are just not on our side when it comes to "the old fashioned way". A fact that MOST lay people don't know/believe/understand.

Today I decided to call the local program and ask the questions that had come up from the latest seminar. I got the answers I was needing and have now decided which program to pursue. There are two that are very good; however, one is considerably closer to where I live and significantly less expensive. For both of those reasons, I have decided to be evaluated by the local program. I set up my first pre-operative consultation with the surgeon. It will be mid April and I am so thrilled. I am ready to crawl out of my skin with joy. I know this will not be the "easy" road as so many people believe it to be. It will take change and dedication on my part to live my life better. I am ready and so excited to be given this opportunity for a redo start in a new life and a new situation. I am confident I can and will be successful with this and that in a short amount of time my life will be very different than how it is in this moment today.

Phase two has officially begun.

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