Monday, March 8, 2010

What a PACK RAT!

This weekend was quite lovely. I spent Saturday with my wonderful husband. We were out and about shopping and eating and enjoying our local custard stand that has re-opened for the season. We took a nice long walk with the dog and the whole day was just special and peaceful and just what I hoped it would be.

Sunday, I got a wild hair and decided to do some spring cleaning. Jared and I have been talking about what we "needed" to do with cleaning out of closets for some time now, but have just been to lazy to actually get to it. Well I got to it! As I'm cleaning out two of our closets I come across old junk that got thrown in when we moved over a year ago. Naturally, I see this is stuff we haven't used nor looked at in the last year so I decide it is time to throw it away. Meanwhile, Jared is busy digging out what I throw in the trash. He tells me, "it's perfectly good stuff". is, but we haven't used it since we moved and that tells me it's time for it to go! At first he tries to get me by saying, "I'll make a space for it in the basement". Then, I happily remind him of his idea to clean out the basement as part of our spring cleaning job. Why move it down there to have to turn around and go through it again.

Score one for TEAM WIFE! He had no come back and the items that I sent to the trash got to stay in the trash. Saaaaweet! I know if he had his way, our house would look like his parents. Small pathways to get through rooms full of shit...erm JUNK. So glad I am quick on my feet and didn't fall for his plan!

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