Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rant and Rave Wednesday

If you are interested in knowing more about it. Go check out Little Ms. B for the scoop.

Rave: I totally forgot to blog about this, but figured this was a good time to mention it. March 1st, which was Monday, marked the 7th year I have spent with Jared. It's a weird thing after you get married. I use to focus so heavily on the March 1st date and now I nearly went the entire day without realizing it was a special day. We didn't celebrate the day like we once would have, but we still mentioned it to one another and looked back at our time together. Many ups and downs, but we love each other and that is what counts.

Rave: I've been back to aerobics and am already feeling more energy from working out. I decided to try to incorporate walking into my off days so last night Jared and I took the pooch out for a walk. It was a bit cold, but I know the better weather will be just around the corner so for now I'll suck it up and wear a coat!

Rant: I love winter but I am now officially OVER IT!

Rave: We are supposed to get into the 50's over the weekend, which will feel wonderful. I'm ready to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Rant: Week number 5 in a row of mandatory overtime. I'm sick of it and burned out. I hope we can catch a break soon!

Wow, for once I have more raves than rants!

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Little Ms Blogger said...

We are celebrating our 4th anniversary of our 1st date. I know we're married, but any reason to celebrate is awesome!

I hear you about winter and congrats on going back to aerobics.

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