Friday, September 4, 2009

Fingernail polish...weird stuff

So I was having a conversation with Goose yesterday about fingernail polish. And just have to...well I dunno if it's venting, but sorta rant about how it works/doesn't work.

-Why does the damn stuff take FOREVER to dry on your fingernails, but dries rather quickly on your toes?

-In the same token, why does it dry fast on acrylic fingernails but not on your real nails?

-Why in the heck does it chip off so quickly on your fingernails, but not on your toenails and why does it not chip off at all on acrylic nails?

I think about this stuff and realize the polish is the real reason of my problems! I can grow my regular nails out, can shape them and make them look beautiful. I can paint them and do my own art on them; HOWEVER, the polish never survives the first day I wear it. Even if I put a thousand layers of top coat on to "seal it in", the polish still ends up on the floor somewhere in chips and chunks. This means I just spent 2 hours pampering my nails and making them beautiful for them to look totally disgusting within a matter of hours. Where does that leave me....pissed off and frustrated. Maybe this is a plot by the nail industry to get us to spend tons of money because when I get frustrated enough I go get acrylics, which are not cheap, so that I can have my pretty polish and pretty art, which I can wear for two weeks without worry of how it looks. Just seems like there should be an easier way! In the meantime I'll keep going to the nail salon, pay my 15 bucks and carry on. Rant over.



Goose said...

Amen Sista- I completly agree. I will keep paying too. I would also like to rant that I love nail art but since I am right handed I can't do art work for shit on my right hand since I have to use my gimpy left hand which apparently doesn't know how to shit! How do I make myself ambidextrous?

otin said...

Use a sharpie magic marker! You cannot scrub that crap off!

Bamboo said...

Goose, Practice practice practice. Sounds dumb but really that's how I got good at painting my right hand. Of course I am ambidextrous anyway so that could explain why it was easy for me to pick up as well. You will get better. Just keep trying.

Otin, I don't need it to last for the rest of my life haha. I'd like to be able to change the colors as I choose.

Hit 40 said...

I hate how quick the polish is ruined from day to day activity. After all this work painting, I want it to look perfect more than a few days!!!

♥ Braja said...

And why as soon as you paint your toes do you kick something and smudge it? :)

Bamboo said...

Exactly!!! See you all get it! Very frustrating stuff.

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