Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let the blogging begin...

Well hello blogger world! I am brand new to this cyber "vent" fest, though I must admit I have become a reader over the last weeks. My best friend Goose, who recently started her blog, "What's good for the Goose" has peaked my interest in joining into the blog community. Recently Goose and I have discussed that I have some interesting stories to share. Hopefully I can find a group of people to take this blogging journey with me and follow this blog. I am going to try and be a daily blog writer; however, my life is very busy and there will be days where the blog takes a back seat to other things. Just the way of the world I suppose. Alot of what is going on in my life right now involves my up and coming wedding. The wedding is in October, which I am only partially excited for. I love my fiance' very much but his mother has caused quite a bit of strife in our lives. Lets just say that she didn't get the memo that the mother-in-law (MIL) gets little to no say in the actually wedding event. As the old saying goes, "the mother of the groom wears beige and shuts the hell up". My future MIL is completely insane and her ideas are...well, some describe them as "nutso". What should have been the best time in my life, has turned into a nightmare that is hard to describe. I will get into greater details of her insanity later in my blog journey. For now, I just want to say hello to you all!

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Goose said...

Welcome! I'm so glad you decided to jump into the blogging world. People will love your MIL stories!

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