Monday, September 21, 2009

My mother is the best!

I just have to share with my blogger friends how awesome my mother is. This past Sunday was my bridal shower, which was a very awesome party. Everyone, including the MIL and myself were on good behavior and it was a very pleasant afternoon. I got showered with tons of gifts, which seems weird to me but I'm happy to accept them none-the-less. But there is one gift that means more than all the rest. My parents were not supposed to give me anything for the wedding, as they helped me and Jerry at the beginning of the year with part of our house down payment. Apparently my mother decided I needed a keepsake of this major event in my life and she put some major thought into what to get me. What she created was not only beautiful but very special. She bought me a Brighton brand bracelet. It has lots of beads/charms on it, which she individually chose. There are pink, green, and orange charms to represent the colors of our wedding. There are charms with lots of bling to represent my love of bling and shiny things. There is a charm with daisies on it for those are the flowers we are using and then there is one with hearts on it to represent mine and Jerry's love. It's just super beautiful and was so thoughtful. I already really cherish it, and am even wearing it while I sit in my PJ's! She is really a one of a kind woman and I am SUPER blessed to get to call her my Mom. So here is a shout out to the best woman I know. I love you Momma!!


otin said...

One day you may have a daughter that will write a similar post, about that same keepsake!

Bamboo said...

Yup, something I think about. I've always wanted a daughter.

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