Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's hump day!!!!????

Why on earth do we say that anyway? Wednesday is hump day. Yes, I realize it's mid week so we are over the first half and starting to come into the end but I the only one who thinks of "hump" in a completely different way? Every week on Wednesday we have a staff meeting and inevitably someone will mention hump day. Immediately, the 13 year old perverted girl in my brain starts laughing. Then I sit for 20 minutes and ponder why we say this phrase.

So anyway, I don't have much to talk about today. I'm basically just going through the motions of the week. Seems like the week is going slow but then again it is hump day so I'm half way there. LOL! God I'm a goof. It is such a wonderful thing to have a 4 day work week though!

This weekend is my bridal shower. I'm very excited and anxious all at the same time. My bridesmaids, who I love beyond belief, are throwing the shower for me. I KNOW it will be a beautiful affair with people who I care about. The MIL will be present, which makes me a bit anxious. I always worry she will say or do something hurtful. I'm pretty sure if she even thinks about opening her mouth, one of my Matron's of honor will kill her right then and there. The thought of how much support I have from everyone else has made me stop and think about things. I really believe everyone is right, I'm being overly critical and worried over the MIL and her actions. I'm ready to cut loose and enjoy things and make this MY DAY from here on in. I should have kept this attitude from the start and never let anyone make me miserable. 4.5 weeks are left, I am making it my goal to make each of them good and happy and to re-gain the closeness with my future husband. We have grown distant because of the mess this has become, which makes no sense. WE are the reason for the wedding and it is our time to show exactly what we mean to one another. So sad, we let these things push us apart. I'm pretty ashamed to realize this now.

On a completely random note, I've been thinking alot about getting a new hair-do after the wedding. Last year at this time I had super short hair. I loved it short, it was easy to maintain and I was constantly getting compliments on it. Jerry missed my long locks though and asked if I would mind growing it out for our wedding day. Last October I started the process and it has been a LONG ordeal. Anyone who has gone through this remembers the stages you go through and how it never quite does what you want it to do...nor does it grow fast enough to please you. But, I've hung in there with it for almost a year now and it did grow. It is now down to my shoulders in layers but I've not had many layers put in because that would have totally defeated the idea of growing it out. As such, this leaves me with absolutely zero style. I HATE it! I am having the top have put up and lots of curls added for the wedding, which I hope I like...don't have the trial run for 3.5 more weeks. Anyway, as there is no style...I want something new for after the wedding. I'm looking for suggestions and ideas from anyone and everyone. Here are a few things you have to keep in mind though. I would like to keep some of my length, not really ready to go back super short again. I have very thin hair and a big face. (I'm a big gal remember). I like funky and fun cuts and am not afraid to try things. I want something that won't make me look like an old woman but not a teen either. Was thinking of maybe an inverted bob. Any suggestions?


otin said...

Long hair makes women look younger! I don't even know how old you are or what you look like, but I am just making a general observation!

You are asking me if I think that hump day is a funny term???? hehe, I find sexual humor in everything from devil dogs to ranch dressing!!!!! I giggle when someone says that Santa Claus is coming! LMFAO!!

Bamboo said...

LOL So good I'm not the only one in that sexual mind boat. I just saw a friend of mine of posted something on facebook, which read, "I'm humping at work on hump day." I seriously fell out of my desk chair.

And for the record I'm not old...29 for another 34 days! Not that 30 is old either but ya know...feels much more "adult".

Goose said...

haha...Otin just cracked me up with Santa Claus is coming. But, I want to know what the sexual reference to ranch dressing is....or maybe I don't want to know.

Goose said...

the Moog is following you? How did you manage that, I want the Moog to follow me! It's true I've never commented on his stuff though, maybe I should start

Bamboo said...

Moog is flipping great! I about pee myself EVERY time I read his stuff.

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