Monday, October 5, 2009

5 simple words

This is something I saw on Goose's blog. She pulled it from Little Ms. Blogger who I had not read until today, but have found I rather enjoy. This gives me a great distraction from my normal ranting.

Ms. B was given 5 words from another blogger and she did a post about the words she was given (which I've linked to above). She then offered to give 5 words to someone else. Goose thought it would be fun (which I've also linked to above), so now I'm going to post on the five words she gave me. If you want to join in, tell me in the comments and I'll send you your own five words!

Love- What can I say about love. It's complicated, fun, scary, up, down, simple....all at once. I am in love. My fiance' turned my whole life upside down from the moment we first met. I'm getting married to him in 11 days. The wedding might not be what I want, but I do love him. But I love beyond him. I love my family, though they can piss me off from time to the end they are there for me no mater what messes I get myself into. I LOVE that. I love fall. This is my favorite time of year. The colors changing, the smells changing, the air getting cooler. Nothing about fall makes me sad. I love my pets. I have two cats and a dog. Since dog is one of my words I won't talk much about him here aside to say that I love him. My cats make me smile every day. My oldest, Jerome, is so loving and in tune with my feelings. If I have a bad day, he knows...and puts in the extra time to let me knows he cares. Sounds weird from a cat but he does. My younger cat, Bash, was not much a fan of me for a long time. He is Jerry's boy but recently he has done a flip. He is more loving with me and I love that!

Dogs- Like I said, I have a dog (Dudley). He is a puggle, which for those non-dog knowing people out there is a part pug part beagle mix. Completely adorable. He is about 30 lbs, short, a fawn brown color with black nose and mouth. He has a wrinkly forehead with a big curly tail and floppy ears. He is over a year old now but when we are out I always get stopped and asked about my "puppy". I guess you could say he has a little puppy face and doesn't quite seem like an adult. All in all, Dud has added more love to my life that I even knew how. I had wanted a dog when I was a kid but my parents wouldn't have it. Neither of them were big on pets, though we did eventually have a cat. Jerry and I adopted Dud last summer, he was a puppy and a total handful. Lucky for me, I work at home and was able to spend alot of time with him. He is not a perfectly trained dog but Goose, being a trainer, helped us with the process. I am pretty content with his behavior and he minds me pretty well, though he has times where he just wants to be a rebel...meh, don't we all! I'll never have a puppy again though. I think I'm a one woman dog, though I might feel different later in life once Dud is gone. I can't imagine doing the potty training all over again though. Yuck that sucks! Dogs seriously LOVE you, no matter what. They just want to be with you and cuddle with you and play with you and when you leave and come back they let you know just how much they missed you while you were gone. I have become so in love with the smell of dogs and the way Dudley wags his tail so hard when he is happy you can hear it thump on his sides. When I've been gone an come home he wags his butt back and forth when he sees me out of pure joy and excitement. NOTHING on earth compares to the love from a dog and I feel really blessed to have had the chance to give him a good home.

Cooking - I love to cook. Don't do it as much now as I once did but when I do it's something that really reminds me of where I came from. My mother is a great cook as was her mother as is my Dad's mother. I started learning to cook when I was young. It was just normal for me to spend my time helping my mom put meals on the table and help her multi-task. I look back and am no so extremely thankful for that time. She passed on so much knowledge about food, not as much about nutrition as I would have liked but I can cook some mean meals. Most of what I make involves no recipe, which drives Jerry and the future MIL nuts. Jerry can't really reproduce the things I make without me by his side and his mom can't stand that I make things he really loves but she doesn't know how to make. Guess that is one little place I get the upper hand. When Jerry and I are really busy we tend to eat out alot, which neither of us really enjoys. But it's very easy to do when you are pressed for time. Some of my favorite meals I make are chicken and dumplings, chicken Parmesan, fontina that's alot of chicken. But I also love to make enchiladas, taco, chili, steak, crab, soup....the list goes on and on. Yup, cooking is a part of who I am and I wouldn't trade that.

Laughter- My would could not go on without laughter. It feels so good to laugh so hard you cry, or so hard it makes it hard to breathe, or so hard your sides hurt. For me, a good laugh can take away so much bad. Jerry makes me laugh. He has a youthful spirit, which I hope he never loses and we have MANY inside jokes, which can set either of us off into a fit of laughter by only saying a few words. Seriously, where would we be without the feelings that come along with laughter? It is the best medicine! (okay that was cheesy...but yeah its good stuff)

Clothes- Well this is a tough topic for me. I love and HATE clothes. I love when I find stuff that fits comfortably, but hate the process I have to go through to find it. I am a plus sized woman at the upper end of the plus sized stores. I love that some stores carry trendy stuff to fit but come on, some things are just not meant for us big girls. Overall, I am a jean an t-shirt kind of gal. That is what I am most comfortable in, but over the last several years I've tried to branch out to wear more stylish shirts, which fit a bit different than a dumpy t. Since I work at home, most days you will find me in some baggy comfy shorts or pants, with a tank top, t-shirt, or hoodie depending on the time of year. Those are my favorite clothes. They are loose and relaxed. But when I go out at night or on weekends, most often I'll be in capri's or jeans with various different shirts. I love what I call boobie shirts. You know, the ones that accentuate your assets. ALL men like boobies, so might as well remind people that big girls have them too. Though, in terms of big women, I consider myself part of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee) as I'm only a D to DD. Some of you are going D to DD that's BIG, but on my frame they don't seem very big at all. Alot of women my size are like F and G and whatever else big cup sizes they make. I guess that makes me sound like I don't like my boobies, but really...I love them. I think they are the perfect size for me. Big enough to be noticed but small enough to stay out of my way! I digress... Clothes are necessary but when I find those certain pieces that are cute and look right, they can be such a self-esteem boost. I just wish there were more stores that would offer plus sized options. There are so few really, at least for my size. I have three main stores I shop but would LOVE to be able to branch out. Guess that means I need to get back on the diet track and focus.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Great post!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and as a plus sized woman, I understand your comment about finding clothes. Not only are they not stylish, but most times made out of some funky fabric that either feels weird or is shiny. Ugh.

Goose said...

Good stuff! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I'm lucky that I have a fiancé and friends like you who make me laugh every day.

I agree there is no kind of love like the love you get from a dog. I love my cats though and am fortunate that they are all very affectionate.

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