Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The things I love about fall.

I am completely in love with this time of year. Something in the air changes and it's soothing to my soul. I am not a huge fan of summer; however, I do enjoy the outdoor things, which come with the season. The heat; however, is not for me. If I get overly hot, I get overly sick. This just makes for one miserable Bamboo and I become a really big bitch! So, fall's arrival is always the end of several month's of misery. So, I decided to pull some photo's of the things I really love about this time of year.

The obvious one...leaves. I love the colors, watching them change from green to yellow to red to brown. Such a beautiful sight. This is my first fall in my house. We have three very large trees. An oak and two sweet gums. Though I know I will HATE the raking we will be forced to do, I am completely in love with watching them change. The sweet gums are mostly green still but the tips fade to yellow and bright red at the very top. I am anxious to watch it progress down the tree as well as watch all the leaves fall to the ground.

The next thing I love is the good carmel apples you can find everywhere. We have a local custard place, which makes THE BEST carmel apples. They cover them in pecans...what could be bad about that?

Another of my favorite fall things is the Starbucks carmel apple spice drink. OMG, it's like this burst of comfort in your mouth. I am not a regular at Starbucks, but for fall...they tend to get more of my money. If you have not already tried this, I highly recommend you give in on a cool day.

Does anyone else notice how the air changes? You can almost smell the snow on it's way. Well maybe that doesn't work for people who don't get snow, but I always just get the sense that winter will be coming by soon. I love the snow, and the cooler temps. Not a huge fan of the super bitter days, but luckily we don't get a whole heck of alot of them where I live.

One final thing that might very well be my most favorite thing about the fall. BONFIRES! How can you go wrong with sitting around a cozy fire with family and friends, talking, laughing, eating, drinking. I look forward to it all year round and now that I am in my own home, I hope the fall doesn't get away before Jerry and I can have our own fire with friends and family.

There you have it, fall is my season. My only wish is that it would last longer. What's your season and why?


Bamboo said...

Oh and I nearly forgot...I love that I'm getting married in the fall. In 10 days to be exact. Should be the best weather...since it's my season and all :)

Otin said...

When I look at colorful leaves, I see things dying and getting cold! I really do not like autumn. Kind of like life, 44 is autumn! hehe!

Goose said...

I am with Otin. Dying and getting cold. I like bonfires though. Have one!!!!

Organic Meatbag said...

Oh, the Fall definitely is my favorite...you gotta love it!! The leaves, the crispity crunchity coolness in my pants...errrr, the air...and the joys of watching my favorite NFL team get the living shit kicked out of them every week...yep, Autumn be awesome!

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