Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The last days

I am blogging today as I realize the next few days will be quite hectic and I figure I am unlikely to have time to post. If I do, oh well...consider it a bonus! Hopefully there will be no more ranting about the wedding as my attitude changed and I have promised myself not to let anymore of the small details drag me down.

This is my last day of work for the week. As of 6pm tonight I will be on an 11 day off stretch of vacation. Do you know what that means? Yup, I'm getting married soon! Through all the ups and downs of this ordeal I can honestly say I am really really happy about this major event. We had some tough spots, and times where I wasn't sure if I would make it through. Looking back from this moment all I can say is it all happened for a reason. Perhaps this will allow Jerry and I to appreciate this day more than we would have otherwise. The final plans are in place and we are ever so slowly creeping forward to that moment every girl dreams of.

This Saturday, with my father by my side, I will walk down the isle and marry the man I love more than I can ever explain. He is not perfect, neither am I, yet I think we can really make this love last forever with a little bit of patience and work over the years to come.

Last night Jerry and I cuddled up in our big bed and talked about what was going to happen this weekend. I can hear the excitement in his voice and it makes me happy. I speak of how much I can't wait to see all these plans put together, to finally see the vision I've held in my head this last year come to life. Then I ask what he looks forward to the most? His response, "getting to see you". My heart swells with joy and love!

Everything feels so right in these last days. It may not end up being the exact wedding I've always wanted but I do think in the end it will still be a beautiful day, which will reflect my style and our love. I feel really blessed to have some wonderful people to share this with. Goose has been my best friend since we were in high school. What is that...14 years! Wow, yup now I feel old. Anyway, she along with two awesome sisters-in-law, and two nieces get to stand by me as I speak my vows to Jerry. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having 100% support from those special people in your life. Though the MIL and I do not really get along, I feel good knowing there will be people there who want to see us happy.

Once the ceremony is over there will be eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, etc. I hope it makes for one wonderful party. I look forward to the "fun" stuff at the reception. Dancing with my new husband for the first time. Watching friends and family enjoy the night. I do plan on posting pictures on my blog of the event and have given Goose approval to do the same, so over the next week check back and I'll try to get things up as quickly as possible.

At this point my one major concern is the weather. Fall hit pretty quickly here, as you may remember from my previous post. This week we have had a good bit of rain and the temps are cool. I pray for the rain to stop but I'm sure the lower temps will be with us. The outdoor photo's might not be alot of fun, but since they are what I want most...I guess we will all just have to suck it up and get through it. At least there will be warmth to get back into once we are done.

So that's it...the last days are here! For those of you out there in blogger world who are or have been married. I'd love to hear any last words of advice you can pass along. Good, bad, ugly...I'm happy to hear them all!


otin said...

If you do not post again, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEDDING!!!!!!!!!

Where are you going on a honeymoon???

Bamboo said...

No honeymoon :( We spent our wad on paying for the darn wedding so there isn't anything left for a nice vacation. Maybe on our 1 year anniversary.

Goose said...

I can't wait!! One more work day for me and then PARRRRTTTYYY!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Woo Hoo! Have a great time and know a lifetime of happiness lies ahead.

I didn't have a honeymoon either (unemployment, but will whenever I become employed again).

I love that your fiance is excited. My husband was so excited that on the day of our wedding, while he was outside waiting for me, and although I told him the official start of our day was at 2:00, but we wouldn't start the ceremony till 2:20 he still called me at 2:02 to see where I was.

otin said...

Happy wedding Day! I hope that your day will be happy and smooth! Don't let the MIL trip you out!

McGillicutty said...

Congratulations.... the day is just the beginning of a wonderful journey together. Marriage is all encompassing, a feeling of being more than just you. There's someone beside you to support and love you more than you could ever imagine and you him in return. Treat each other well and always, always kiss each other goodnight!!! Best wishes... Ali.

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