Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feed your soul

Yesterday I stumbled onto a blog, which caught my attention in a big way. Click here to view This is the blog of a woman, Stephanie, who went through a very traumatic life event last year. She was in a plane crash along with her husband. They survived the crash, but the pilot did not. Both ended up badly burned. Stephanie spent 3 months in a coma while the burns on 80% of her body were treated. Then came the long road of therapy, surgeries, recovery, etc.

I can't help but find them inspirational. Reading her blog reminded me just how much I take for granted every day. I think it is very easy to forget how fragile we are in this world and how one day can change our lives forever. This woman no longer looks like she once did, neither does her husband, yet their life is full and bright. I just find their spirit amazing.

Jerry's father was badly burned back in 1998. He was helping start Jerry's very old car at the time. Jerry's brother was helping as Jerry was out running around with friends. The car backfired and blew up in his face. He suffered burns on his face, neck, chest and arms. This was
a long before I knew any of them but his story has touched me as well. The scars are still there and though I don't notice them as much anymore from time to time I do and am reminded of the suffering it caused not only for him but for the entire family. Jerry has talked to me several times about this ordeal and how painful it was to watch someone so close to him suffer so deeply. He thought he was going to lose his dad in those first days, but he felt like at times watching him suffer was worse than if they had lost him. Looking back now, I know Jerry is thankful his Dad did what he needed to do to survive. It makes me think...and I really think you must be in touch with an inner spirituality to find strength to make it through these situations. My own spirituality is something I am still discovering and stories like these really make me step back and ponder for awhile.

After reading her story and thinking about Jerry's father's I feel very blessed with what I have. I wonder if I could survive an ordeal like theirs or if I would find it easier to let go. I suppose this is something you wouldn't find out until that moment but I like to think if I feed my spirit enough everyday, that I could get through anything. Any thoughts?


Mango Girl said...

Very thought provoking post Bamboo. I had an uncle who was burned very badly as a child when his shirt caught fire from the stove. My uncle Mark...I never saw him as disfigured...he was the sweetest of my relatives.

Thanks for sharing...I wish you pure Joy on your spiritual discovery.

xo, Mango

Goose said...

Yeah it definitely makes you think. I hope I fight to survive too in a life or death situation. But it's somehow almost instinctual. Your body fights or it doesn't. I think I have a good track record though. I did fight for life after being born 2 months premature and having my foot burned in the process. Maybe I'll post about my foot :-)

Otin said...

I have a blogpost that I read a long time ago. The girl only posted 3 posts and then disappeared. I never unfollowed. It is one of the worst personal stories that I ever read. I will go get the link!

otin said...

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