Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The best part about getting married....


Yeah, seriously....you get such nice stuff all for getting married to the person you love. I am still shocked at how much you end up with when it is all said and done. Of course it doesn't come close to what you spend on the wedding but it is fun to recoup some of the expenses and get to splurge.

Jared and I spend a good bit of our first few vacation days trying to decide what we wanted to spend the cash on. Naturally we got alot of other stuff like dishes, pots and pans, gift cards, etc. But the cash is the real fun part cause you can use it for ANYTHING. There were several things we wanted to spend the money on in terms of our house but we decided to spend the money more on ourselves than anything else. We bought two BIG items and the money is pretty well gone. But I'm excited about both of them. The first purchase was a piece of furniture for our living room. ALL the furniture we own is stuff that has been given to us, stuff we found, or stuff family sold to us for basically nothing. Jared and I really wanted two of those big seat and a half recliners. We both really love the size of them and decided that would be a nice thing to spend some money on. Well, they aren't all that easy to find and for the most part are very expensive. Lucky for us we found this.

It's basically two seat and a half recliners connected by a console. I am in LOVE with it! So wonderful to sit in comfort and watch movies and TV. AND it didn't totally blow all of our money. We almost didn't get it into the house though! Actually, we ended up messing up a little bit of the leather on the console because it was such a tight squeeze through the front door, but who cares really. It's in and we love it.

The other thing we got, which I cannot wait to start using is a camera. We got a Canon XS digital SLR. I have always had an interest in photography but don't know anything about it. Jared and I figured what a good thing to buy to start capturing our lives from here on out. Thus far we haven't used it much but I am going to a Halloween party this weekend and can't wait to start to play with it. This is what it looks like.

Yup, so I'm excited. We were able to get an additional lens for the camera as well so I hope to start learning to take some beautiful pictures. One thing I like is that there are automatic functions of the camera so until I get better with all the settings I can use the auto features and should still get some really good quality shots. I thought this would be fun to have for my blog as well. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures on so many blogger pages so I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot my own pretty shots. And FYI, the picture of the chairs is not from the camera, it's an iphone pic...thus the crappy quality.

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