Monday, October 26, 2009


Well I figured it was time to update the blog. The big wedding day was over a week ago but I want to re-cap some of my most favorite things of the day. I made a vow last week to stay off the computer during my vacation since so much of the rest of my life is spent sitting in front of it.

Anyway, the wedding went off without a hitch. I still cannot believe how perfect the day turned out. During the planning it is so hard to tell if everything will come together in the end or not. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants until things started falling into order.

I met my lovely bridesmaids early in the morning for coffee and bagels. I was getting so nervous but the time with them helped put my soul at ease. We headed to the salon where one by one we got our hair beautiful...okay well not all of us. My sister-in-law has a short inverted bob cut (if you know who Kate from John and Kate plus 8 is then you know the hairstyle I speak of). Anyway, the stylist decided to curl the longer sections of hair and pulled the middle of the top up. She seriously looked like Ben was horrific! Luckily my stylist agreed to fix what this other woman had totally destroyed and she ended up looking fantastic.

From the salon I headed to pick up my lovely dress and then went to the church. We completed most of our pictures before the wedding so we had to be there quite early to get things moving. The girls one by one started getting dressed in the beautiful dresses they had chosen.

Then it was my turn. I FINALLY felt like a bride. My dress was so beautiful and for the first day of my entire life I actually FELT beautiful. I wish I could recapture that feeling and have it again and again and again. It was magical to feel like that. After dressing, my photographer set up what is still one of my favorite parts of the day. She placed my groom in the sanctuary of the church all alone with his back to the door. I walked in from behind him so he could have the first look at me. What a special moment it was! He turned around and had the biggest smile I ever remember seeing on his face. His eyes glowed with pure joy and he said, "wow". I will NEVER forget how I felt in that moment. Never forget how he smelled, how I wasn't aware of the photographers or anything else but him. I just loved having that time for him to take it all in and time for me to enjoy his excitement. We took a few minutes alone to talk and for him to look over my beautiful gown.

The photo's went off without a hitch. I can't wait to see them all. After we finished most of our photographs I had about an hour before the ceremony started. I retreated to the dressing room with my bridesmaids to wait for everyone to come and be seated. This is when my nerves REALLY kicked into high gear. The hour went quickly thank goodness and before I knew it I was being called to come meet up with my Dad. I got to the end of a long hallway where he was standing and I nearly started to cry. It hit me very fast that I was about to get married. My father grabbed my hand and told me I couldn't cry. He made me laugh and I composed myself. From where we stood behind two closed doors I couldn't tell much of what was going on. There was a small crack in the door so my Dad looked and told me what was going on. I was so thankful for that little crack. Eventually my father walked to me, grabbed my arm and we headed through the door. I knew it was time. I heard my music start, Canon in D. Such a beautiful song! We waited and then began the long walk to my future husband. I took time to look around at the friends and family looking back at me but then my eyes fixed on Jerry. I could tell he was nervous but his eyes were so alive and bright. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I never stopped looking at him.

The ceremony was very special. An old minister from Jerry's childhood was kind enough to fill in as our current pastor had to be out of town. He did such a wonderful job for us and I am really greatful for the personal touches he added. One of my matron's of honor put a slide show together of family pictures starting with baby pictures and ending with recent pictures of Jerry and I. It added such a special touch for the ceremony and I heard nothing but wonderful compliments from my family. I can't stress enough how beautiful everything was. It was exactly what I wanted my wedding day to be. It ended up being worth every ounce of stress I had gone through.

After the ceremony, Jerry and I finished family photo's and packed up to go to the reception. I had the best night ever. The food was terrific and the decorations amazing. We ate, drank, danced, laughed...had the best time. My friends and family are so special and amazing, they really made our wedding what it was.

Here are some photo's I stole from friends/family. When I get the professional prints I'm sure I'll post them too but for now here is a glimpse. Goose also posted some on her blog so check it out.

Me and the hubby and our first dance

My beautiful dress

My amazing and gorgeous husband

Dancing with Goose!

Our beautiful flowers

The cake, the cake cutting, and the end result of the cake madness

The amazing centerpieces done by our florist

The happy couple

And on a side note. I've decided since I've posted all these adorable pictures of us, I can no longer see using "fake" names. You all might as well know my real name as this blog is about my real life. Bamboo is the pet name that my now husband uses for me. My real name is Becki...not Becky or Beckie, but B-E-C-K-I. Unique, yes but that's why I love it. Jerry is not Jerry as I said from the start. Jerry is a name I call him from an inside joke, which started with an old neighbor. Jerry is Jared. Becki and Jared. There you have it!


otin said...

I wish that everyone could comment as one so we could give you a big cyber hug and an AWWWWWWW!!! :) Congratulations!!

Bamboo said...

Thanks Otin!

Little Ms Blogger said...

You look beautiful and SOOOOOOO happy!!!!

I'm so glad you had a great day.

Bamboo said...

Thanks so much! I was and am happy. It was the perfect day for sure.

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