Monday, October 12, 2009

Reality dig?

Since I work from home, one big perk of my day is that during my lunch time I can sit and watch pretty much whatever TV I choose. And I am here to admit I am a HUGE reality TV whore! It is my main guilty pleasure. For the most part Jerry thinks I'm totally bonkers for this fixation I have with reality shows; however, as time goes on I am finding him more and more involved with the previously "stupid" shows. Some of my favorites are the ones you find on MTV/VH1 (Rock of Love, I love New York, I love Antonio, Real Chance of Love, etc). I also like good prime time reality TV too (Biggest Loser, Survivor, etc.) They are always filled with drama, competition, and insanity and I just love it. I get so into these shows I will yell at the television and ponder on the story line even when I'm not watching it.

I'm interested to know if anyone else has this same love? Who thinks I'm completely insane? What TV do you watch? Reality TV....that's me!


Mango Girl said...

Oh, I really got into My Fair Brady. How ridiculous is that?

xo, Mango

Bamboo said...

No I LOVED My Fair Brady. I was totally hooked and how could you not love watching that train wreck?

Goose said...

If I stayed at home all day I'd be a realitiy tv whore too. As it is I love Biggest Loser. I just started watching it this year and it's great! I'm sorry I missed all the previous years. I also try and watch the Real World / Road Rules challenges. They always have a lot of great drama.

Bamboo said...

I can't believe you missed the Biggest Loser either. It is a fantastic show and can be motiviational. If only I could take lead from it. I always feel bad when I sit and watch it with a hot bowl of Pad Thai or something like that on my lap.

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