Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Learning how to shoot

Like I said in my previous post. The hubby and I bought a nice camera for a wedding gift. I decided to get it out and take some shots with it. Nothing spectacular, just things around the house but I want to post them for you all to see. Give me feedback if you can!


My bridal bouquet

Same shot, focused on the flower instead of the berries

Add my ring in and you get this

My cats...Jerome is the black one and Basher is the tabby

Our puggle Dudley

So, what do you think? I think so far the pictures look pretty good. Can't wait to get better at it as well as have time to go out and take some pretty photos.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, I don't take pictures so they look great to me.

When I went hiking in the Grand Canyon my gf asked if I was bringing a camera (it was my 40th bday) and I said nope so she gave me her non digital one.

My dad was and is such a shutter bug, I appreciate what other people do, but don't enjoy it. Besides, people always give me dups.

Btw, love the flowers - very cheery.

otin said...

Holy Crap!! Great pictures!!

Bamboo said...

Thanks guys. I never have been much into photography before. I had a digi camera for a long time that took really crappy pics. I hated it and never used it. Just recently I keep thinking of all these things that would make great pictures and things I might like to have pictures of to keep so now I'm getting more interested in it. I dunno, more and more I can see myself really finding a joy with shooting prettyful photos. Time will tell!

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