Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I thought I would jump aboard today and put some random thoughts out of my own.

- What is it with rain? I love the smell of it and always think it smells so clean. But, how does it smell so good when it's really just making all the day to day stuff outside wet? Makes me think the air should smell clean all the time so I can't help but wonder why it only smells good when rain falls.

- Why does time seem to go by very slowly but then when you stop and look back it seems like it flies? Like, I've been thinking the time has gone so slow since Jerry's birthday as mine is 2 month's after his. These 2 months have felt like forever but then I think...wait, my birthday is almost here and it seems like I just had one.

- Why can't places keep track of information? I booked a room for Goose's wedding at least 11 months ago and it turns out they don't have my booking. Thank God she looked at the list because I wouldn't have thought to double check it myself.

- What's up with slow drivers? Is there a point to driving BELOW the speed limit? It can't possibly be for safety, I mean...come on, if you are going slow I'm more likely to run into you than if you would just drive the same speed as the rest of the world! I don't zoom around people and drive super fast but AT LEAST keep up with the flow of traffic and save me from cursing you out for your ignorance. Also, to the old lady I was behind yesterday evening...since you can't see over the steering wheel and are drive a car bigger than the state of Texas, perhaps you should consider staying at home. If you must venture out, please TRY to understand there are other drivers on the road. I realize you cannot see me as you are 5 inches below the top of your dash but making a left turn and nearly smashing into my beautiful Jeep really pisses me off!

- Kids are funny. We live 3 houses down from a community park where kids play all year round. I sit and watch them walk by everyday after school and pretty much all evening. Some of them just mind what they are doing and go to the park and right back home. Other's are in big groups and just all in all up to no good. Jerry and I were sitting watching them over the weekend. This group of kids walks by and rips a handful of leaves off our tree. He sorta acted like it was the most tough thing he could have done. Jerry and I laughed. One of the kids sees us sitting inside watching them so he goes, "oh crap they saw you...RUN!!!". Off the group goes. I was cracking up! They made like we were going to run out our front door after them. I just sat pondering what makes kids tick and why they do such silly stuff.

Anyway, these are just a few random things running through my head today. Got anything on your mind?


julochka said...

my random thoughts are all related to why the hell (sorry, i just swore on your blog) it has to be so dark and rainy in norway as soon as i arrive...sniff...

Goose said...

The kids story is too funny! You know we tried to be rebels back then too. Like turning on the turn signal to turn left and then turning right. One of my stupider rebel moves. I love the smell of rain. Companies have tried to bottle it. Gap had a rain fragrance at one time don't know if they still do but it's just not the same as the real thing!

Bamboo said...

Swear all you want! I sure do haha.

And the bath and body "rain kissed leaves" is pretty darn close Goose. I love it esp. as a shower gel. I saw someone tried to bottle the smell of the ocean. While I love the ocean and the way it smells, not so sure I'd want to wear that as it can be a bit fishy!

Mango Girl said...

What a tough group of thugs you have around you..."oh crap they saw you...RUN!!!".

That cracked me up!

xo, Mango

Frugalest Frugalist said...

Just thought I would say a few words to defend us SANE drivers. The speed limit is just that - THE LIMIT! It is the LAW, not a suggested starting point. Just because you can get away with driving a few miles OVER (up to 10 in many cases) the speed limit, doesn't make it right. On the highway, there is a speed LIMIT and a speed MINIMUM. This is the TARGET RANGE. It is set for safety. I am sure some egghead somewhere worked out just how far we should push it.

WE (those of us that choose to OBEY the laws)have just as much of a right to the road as you do. Why are you in such a hurry? Why are you so angry that I am not? Do you believe your time is more valuable than mine?

Oh and BTW - I am in my 30's, so I am NOT old AND this was my first visit to your blog. I am curious to see if this post 'stays' or gets squashed. That is all.

Bamboo said...

Frugalist apparently you misunderstood something because not once did I mention how all slow drivers are old. I was simply mentioning the OLD woman I was behind the other day.

I have no problem if you want to drive below the speed limit so long as you move to the right lane to allow the REST of the world to pass by. I do not drive over the speed limit, thus I do ALSO obey the law; however, if I drive 65 and you drive the minimum...you become a hazard when you are in the left lane, which is designed for the faster traffic.

Also, never once did I mention my time is more valuable than anyone elses. I simply CHOOSE to use my time living my life, not getting where I need to go. If you feel like it suits you better to take 30 minutes longer to get where you need to go than what it would take me...that is how you choose to use your time. Just don't force me to do the same.

Now with all that said, if you choose to drive slow AND you follow the rule of keeping yourself (as a slower driver) to the right. I have no problem with you at all. I'm simply pointing out that I very much dislike people who find the need to drive slow and prevent the rest of us (who are also obeying the laws) from getting around you and moving on with our lives.

Frugalest Frugalist said...

I guess I just read too much into this. My apologies. I get tired of the crazy drivers that ride my a$$ as I try to pass a slower driver (the ones that go the minimum) while still driving the speed limit. Then when I do pass, they act like they are going to run me off the road to pass me so they can go on about their day driving 80 MPH.

I generally do drive in the right lane - now the law in my state unless passing someone at the time - but a few months ago I was passing a semi on a two lane (each direction - divided) highway because he was going about 5-10 MPH under the limit. Suddenly, a driver came from behind going way too fast and HIT ME!! He even had a toddler in the car! Thankfully mine was not with me. Shocking!

Bamboo said...

It's all good Frugalest...I'm never sure if I should say Frugalest or Frugalist or Frugalest Frugalist. Anyway, I can totally see it from the other side of things (ie your side). I think driving is a danger no matter what really. I'm not mad at you for expressing your view point. I just wanted you to understand my side. I'm glad you came back to post again!

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