Monday, October 12, 2009

The rain can't hold me down.

Good Monday morning everyone. We are having another rainy day; however, I feel like I need to rave about my lovely weekend. As most of you know I work a 4 day work week so Fridays are a bonus day off for me. This Friday I had the run-through for my wedding hair. I also got my eyebrows waxed and new highlights. I spent a good portion of my afternoon at the salon and lucky for me, I just adore my stylist. She is young and fun and we have so much to talk about so it was basically an afternoon chatting with girls. Other stylists at the salon were asking about the wedding and my stylist just got engaged so we were talking about her plans. Just an all together fun day.

Once I was finished, I drove home to show Jerry my new color (he loves me as a blond and I had brighter color added) and of course my hair was all styled with my pretty tiara and lots of curls for the wedding. I swear he fell in love all over again. I've spent the last year growing my hair out as that was his request for the wedding. He loves my hair longer so I figured that was the least I could do. I sorta missed having the longer hair too since I had spent the previous year or two with REALLY short hair. I walked in the door and he was playing pool and just stopped dead in his shot and his eyes glowed. I don't remember feeling that good about myself since college! A slow smile came to his face.. He walked toward me, scooped me into his arms and proclaimed how beautiful I looked. I felt amazing and didn't want that moment to end. I hope he will be doubly amazed at how I look on Saturday in my big beautiful dress. I can't wait to watch his eyes when he looks at me that day.

Another awesome and relaxing weekend was had. We had alot to get done this weekend, all those last minute wedding details, but we did them together and enjoyed this last weekend together before the rush of the big day. I really needed it and apparently so did he. I can't really tell you the last time we were both this relaxed and happy. I guess it is a good reminder as to why we are going through all the nonsense. Sadly the weekend ended and we are back at work; however, we are only 5 short days away from the big event! Even better is I am 3 short days away from 11 days of VACATION!

I think these last couple of weekends have helped me get very excited. I can't hardly sit still cause my mind races and wonders what will come of Saturday. I lay down and night and pray for it to be the best day of my life. I pray that everything I hope to get out of the day will be and hope that nothing stands in our way. I know it cannot be perfect. Something will more than likely go wrong and I am prepared for that. I just ask God for the grace to get through it and take it in stride. I am as ready as I can possibly be for this day and feeling very blessed to have someone to give my life and love to.


Mango Girl said...

I know I didn't get an invitation...when you return from honeymoon bliss, you can share some pictures with us so we can all see what a lovely wedding it is! Your hair sounds gorgeous...!

Deep breaths and prayers? You will have a fabulous wedding!

xo, Mango

Bamboo said...

Thanks a million for the well wishes Mango! I'd be happy to share pictures with all of you when we get them back. Hopefully we get some from friends and family right away.

Goose said...

I'm glad your weekend went so well. Don't stress out about everything for Saturday. It will all be spectacular no matter what.

Otin said...

WooHooo! Glad to see this happy post! :))

Bamboo said...

:) Thanks Otin! About time I got back to my NORMAL self again!

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